Code Snippets Manager

Manually Activating Safe Mode on PHP Fatal Error

If for whatever reason you experienced a fatal error that prevents you from accessing your wp-admin, you can add the following line in wp-config.php via FTP or your server/hosting file manager to activate the safe mode:

define( 'CSM_SAFE_MODE', true );

This will stop the execution of all PHP code snippets, so you can deactivate the problematic snippet and make further changes before reactivating it.

To disable safe mode, you can click on the safe mode icon in the admin bar.

Cloning or Migrating Your Site with Your Code Snippets

Your code snippets are stored in the wp_posts table as well as inside the /wp-content/uploads/code-snippets/ folder using the post ID as the filename, e.g. 6134.css, 87543.php, etc.

When cloning or migrating your site make sure you also transfer this folder to ensure your snippets will run properly.
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