I’ve finally just purchased the Pro upgrade. The amount of features is truly staggering, and their seamless ease of use is really intuitive. Every single WP dev, amateur or pro, needs this now!

I bought the lifetime deal and was blown away by the quality, and the free version replaces SO many other plugins too. LOVE THIS!

ASE Pro features a small code footprint and a large selection of useful WP tools in a surprisingly elegant and simple UI experience. It has something for every developer. Take advantage of the LTD while it lasts!

I fell for this plugin and bought it. Do not know how many times I have wanted something like this. Love it. 😉

As a former programmer (13 languages & multiple platforms) it takes a lot to impress me. This product does. I am looking to do some charity work and I added ASE Pro to my tool chest. You should too.

Have just replaced a bunch of plugins with ASE Pro, and I’m SO HAPPY with all the lightweight functionality. Responsive and actually helpful support makes this a win-win!

I appreciate the quality of the code and the fast responses from the creator when it comes to support tickets. I've bought the pro version and couldn’t be more happy.

Bought the pro version a few days ago... We made the switch, deleted all redundant plugins... It works perfect!

Very useful plugin and great support. Definitely worth the investment!

I decided to buy ASE Pro and was surprised how much better the options were than what I expected them to be. I think it's a great investment.

Lifetime License