The free version is a FANTASTIC option for replacing a few plugins without the cost or bloat, but I decided to purchase the Pro version for the extra features.

ASE does a lot, some things I care less about, other things make my life a lot easier. I recommend using only what you need. It's a great Swiss-army knife.

ASE is such a handy plugin for WordPress website designers and builders. Solves so many niggling issues with the WP UI.

Such a life saver!!! Thank you for making this! Quickly in my top 5 mandatory plugin list.

ASE is amazing and has saved me tones of time.

You can get more features with specialist, standalone plugins, or use ASE to get >80% of the functionality you actually need with one clean plugin.

I install ASE in all my client sites. I cannot go back to not having this plugin.

ASE has been an absolute lifesaver and a must have all-in-one plugin for managing many basic features!

ASE does so much and it does them perfectly. Their support is A+++++ too. Thank you so much!

ASE is a brilliant way of limiting the number of plugins as it does the work of many stand-alone plugins.

Lifetime License