ASE is a game changer 🙌 I honestly have no idea how some of these options are not already in WordPress by default.

ASE easily replaces a half-dozen other plugins in my library. Everything it replaced, it does better and faster.

ASE enabled me to get rid of several other plugins while giving me a lot more features that these other plugins would not have had in the first place.

ASE is the FIRST plugin I install on every website!

Using ASE on all our websites. Amazing plugin.👌🏼

Wow. ASE is epic. It really will replace a BUNCH of plugins I use on every site. Cheers!

ASE is an excellent plugin that replaces several others. After using it for a month, I can't imagine working without it.

This one plugin replaces several others that do small bits and pieces. It’s nice to have less surface area (in the sense of too-many-plugins) to worry about.

It’s so nice being able to do so many things from a single plugin rather than having to piece together a half dozen to do the same routine things.

ASE is a really great and well-maintained plugin with a lot of useful functionalities that usually requires code snippets or various small plugins.

Lifetime License