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Content Management

Extend and enhance WordPress as a content management system.

Custom Content Types

Conveniently register and edit custom post types and custom taxonomies without writing a single line of code. Optionally enable the creation of custom field groups. Integrates with:
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ASE Free

Content Duplication

Enable one-click duplication of pages, posts and custom posts. The corresponding taxonomy terms and post meta will also be duplicated. ASE Pro adds an option to enable duplication only for certain user roles.
ASE Free with Pro features

Content Order

Enable custom ordering of various "hierarchical" content types or those supporting "page attributes". Useful for displaying them in the desired order in wp-admin and on the frontend. ASE Pro enables toggling taxonomy terms and / or excerpt on the ordering page and applying the custom order on the frontend.

Terms Order

Enable custom ordering of terms from various “hierarchical” taxonomies. Useful for displaying them in the desired order in wp-admin and on the frontend.

Media Categories

Add categories for the media library and enable drag-and-drop categorization of media items. Categories can then be used to filter media items during media insertion into content.
ASE Free with Pro features

Media Replacement

Easily replace any type of media file with a new one while retaining the existing media ID, publish date and file name. So, no existing links will break. ASE Pro allows replacing media from the grid view of media library as well.
ASE Free

Media Library Infinite Scrolling

Re-enable infinite scrolling in the grid view of the media library. Useful for scrolling through a large library.
ASE Free

SVG Upload

Allow some or all user roles to upload SVG files, which will then be sanitized to keep things secure.

AVIF Upload

Enable uploading AVIF files in the Media Library. You can convert your existing PNG, JPG and GIF files using a tool like Squoosh or avif.io.
ASE Free

Allow Custom Navigation Menu Items to Open in New Tab

Allow custom navigation menu items to have links that open in new browser tab via target="_blank" attribute. The rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow" attribute will also be added for enhanced security and SEO benefits.
ASE Free

Auto-Publish Posts with Missed Schedule

Trigger publishing of scheduled posts of all types marked with "missed schedule", anytime the site is visited.

Admin Interface

Clean up, organize and enhance various admin screens and elements.
ASE Free with Pro features

Clean Up Admin Bar

Remove various elements from the admin bar. ASE Pro enables removal of admin bar items from other plugins.
ASE Free with Pro features

Hide Admin Notices

Clean up admin pages by moving notices into a separate panel easily accessible via the admin bar. ASE Pro adds the option to also hide admin notices for non-admins.
ASE Free

Disable Dashboard Widgets

Clean up and speed up the dashboard by completely disabling some or all widgets. Disabled widgets won't load any assets nor show up under Screen Options.
ASE Free with Pro features

Hide Admin Bar

Hide admin bar on the frontend for all or some user roles. ASE Pro also allows hiding the admin bar on the backend for all or some user roles.
ASE Free

Wider Admin Menu

Give the admin menu more room to better accommodate wider items.
ASE Free with Pro features

Admin Menu Organizer

Customize the order of the admin menu and optionally change menu item title or hide some items. ASE Pro enables always hiding menu items for some or all user roles and reorder submenu items.

Admin Columns Manager

Manage and organize columns in the admin listing for pages, posts and custom post types. Supports displaying custom field values from ASE, ACF and Meta Box, including repeater, flexible content and cloneable group fields. Horizontal scrolling auto-enabled when the total width of columns in pixels exceed the default listing table width. Sorting by column values also auto-enabled for applicable column types, including custom field columns.
ASE Free

Enhance List Tables

Improve the usefulness of listing pages for various post types and taxonomies, media, comments and users by adding / removing columns and elements.
ASE Free

Display Active Plugins First

Display active / activated plugins at the top of the Installed Plugins list.
ASE Free

Custom Admin Footer Text

Customize the text you see on the footer of wp-admin pages.

Log In | Log Out

Add useful features around the log in and log out process.
ASE Free with Pro features

Change Login URL

Make the login URL more memorable and secure by customizing it. ASE Pro adds:
• compatibility with login process during WooCommerce checkout
• custom redirection for default login URLs
ASE Free

Login ID Type

Restrict login ID to username or email address only.
ASE Free

Site Identity on Login Page

Use the site icon and URL to replace the default WordPress logo with link to wordpress.org on the login page.
ASE Free

Log In/Out Menu

Enable log in, log out and dynamic log in/out menu item for addition to any menu.
ASE Free

Last Login Column

Log when users on the site last logged in and display the date and time in the users list table.
ASE Free

Redirect After Login

Set custom redirect URL for all or some user roles after login.
ASE Free

Redirect After Logout

Set custom redirect URL for all or some user roles after logout.

Custom Code

Conveniently modify various aspects of your site via custom code.

Code Snippets Manager

Conveniently add and manage CSS/SCSS, JS, HTML and PHP code snippets to modify your site's content, design, behaviour and functionalities
ASE Free

Custom Admin CSS

Add custom CSS on all admin pages for all user roles.
ASE Free

Custom Frontend CSS

Add custom CSS on all frontend pages for all user roles.
ASE Free

Custom Body Class

Add custom <body> class(es) on the singular view of some or all public post types. Compatible with classes already added using Custom Body Class plugin.
ASE Free

Manage ads.txt and app-ads.txt

Easily edit and validate your ads.txt and app-ads.txt content.
ASE Free

Manage robots.txt

Easily edit and validate your robots.txt content.

Disable Components

Selectively turn off various WordPress components that are not in use.
ASE Free

Disable Gutenberg

Disable the Gutenberg block editor for some or all applicable post types.
ASE Free

Disable Block-Based Widgets Settings Screen

Restores the classic widgets settings screen when using a classic (non-block) theme. This has no effect on block themes.
ASE Free

Disable Comments

Disable comments for some or all public post types. When disabled, existing comments will also be hidden on the frontend.
ASE Free

Disable REST API

Disable REST API access for non-authenticated users and remove URL traces from , HTTP headers and WP RSD endpoint.
ASE Free

Disable Feeds

Disable all RSS, Atom and RDF feeds. This includes feeds for posts, categories, tags, comments, authors and search. Also removes traces of feed URLs from <head>.
ASE Free

Disable All Updates

Completely disable core, theme and plugin updates and auto-updates. Will also disable update checks, notices and emails.
ASE Free

Disable Smaller Components

Prevent smaller components from running or loading. Make the site more secure, load slightly faster and be more optimized for crawling by search engines.


Fortify your WordPress site with simple yet powerful features.
ASE Free with Pro features

Limit Login Attempts

Prevent brute force attacks by limiting the number of failed login attempts allowed per IP address. ASE Pro adds IP whitelisting, which is also useful to unblock users.
ASE Free

Obfuscate Author Slugs

Obfuscate publicly exposed author page URLs that shows the user slugs / usernames, e.g. sitename.com/author/username1/ into sitename.com/author/a6r5b8ytu9gp34bv/, and output 404 errors for the original URLs. Also obfuscates in /wp-json/wp/v2/users/ REST API endpoint.
ASE Free with Pro features

Email Address Obfuscator

Obfuscate email address to prevent spam bots from harvesting them, but make it readable like a regular email address for human visitors. ASE Pro enables shortcode option to output the email address as a mailto: link and also adds an option to auto-obfuscate email addresses found in post content.
ASE Free

Disable XML-RPC

Protect your site from brute force, DOS and DDOS attacks via XML-RPC. Also disables trackbacks and pingbacks.


Keep your site lean and fast by granular control of various features.
ASE Free with Pro features

Image Upload Control

Resize newly uploaded, large images to a smaller dimension and delete originally uploaded files. BMPs and non-transparent PNGs will be converted to JPGs and resized. ASE Pro enables conversion to WebP instead of JPG and allow you to set custom conversion quality.
ASE Free

Revisions Control

Prevent bloating the database by limiting the number of revisions to keep for some or all post types supporting revisions.
ASE Free

Heartbeat Control

Modify the interval of the WordPress heartbeat API or disable it on admin pages, post creation/edit screens and/or the frontend. This will help reduce CPU load on the server.


Various tools useful throught the lifecycle of site building and management.
ASE Free

Email Delivery

Set custom sender name and email. Optionally use external SMTP service to ensure notification and transactional emails from your site are being delivered to inboxes.

Local User Avatar

Enable usage of any image from WordPress Media Library as user avatars.
ASE Free

Multiple User Roles

Enable assignment of multiple roles during user account creation and editing. This maybe useful for working with roles not defined in WordPress core, e.g. from e-commerce or LMS plugins.
ASE Free with Pro features

Image Sizes Panel

Display a panel showing and linking to all available sizes when viewing an image in the media library. Especially useful to quickly get the URL of a particular image size. ASE Pro adds a convenient button to copy the image URL on click.
ASE Free

View Admin as Role

View admin pages and the site (logged-in) as one of the non-administrator user roles.
ASE Free with Pro features

Password Protection

Password-protect the entire site to hide the content from public view and search engine bots / crawlers. Logged-in administrators can still access the site as usual. ASE Pro adds IP whitelisting and bypassing via URL parameter.
ASE Free with Pro features

Maintenance Mode

Show a customizable maintenance page on the frontend while performing a brief maintenance to your site. Logged-in administrators can still view the site as usual. ASE Pro adds option to use an image or a solid color as the background of the maintenance page.
ASE Free

Redirect 404 to Homepage

Perform 301 (permanent) redirect to the homepage for all 404 (not found) pages.
ASE Free

Display System Summary

Show quick summary of the system the site is running on to admins, in the "At a Glance" dashboard widget. This includes the web server software, the PHP version, and the database software.

Export / Import ASE Settings

Easily copy your preferred ASE settings to other sites. Available on the Team and Agency plans of ASE Pro.

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